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At long last, All Your Yesterdays is out! This is a volume of All Yesterdays - themed palaeoart based on the contest we held in February. Download it today at

All Your Yesterdays is absolutely free, but we'd be very happy if you could donate an amount of your choice. Remember, the more financial support we get, the more time we can devote to writing, illustrating and publishing exciting new books!

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Mr. Ramjet, I realize that this question has most likely been asked to you many, many times over the past few years and I apologize for doing so, but I feel I must ask this: What are you going to do with Snaiad? Is it coming back or is it gone forever?
Ha Ramjet! Hows Snaiad doing?
Also, you should check out this guy's page
thanks for visiting my gallery!
KingEdmarka Mar 3, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Ah, okay.  Thank you!  And keep up the great work!
Hi King - first of all thanks so much for the praises - it's a great feeling to have inspired someone.

The predators on Snaiad have tongue-like tentacles that emanate from a flap on their chests. The flap is the true mouth, the tongues grab stuff and take it in.
Water is consumed by a lapping or licking action depending on the species. Some animals have very thin channels on the surface of the tongue to facilitate the uptake of water via capillary action.

About sense organs - many animals have eyes bundled with heat sensors. Other sense organs include ears on the foot, legs and armpits, and a variety of smell and taste organs in the mouth-bearing second head...
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