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April 22, 2010
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Sophont Parade by nemo-ramjet Sophont Parade by nemo-ramjet
One by one the silhouettes marched past like images trapped between mirrors, multiplying and changing as they walked on. Feathery, clawed, beaked, toothy forms emerged from might-have-been worlds, and joined the procession of even wilder tangents of tangent timelines.

Occasionally one locked eyes with her, staring from across the fractal haze of divergent worlds with a piercing gaze that only thinking beings could wield.

All the time, echoing across her thoughts and threatening to shatter her mind like a fragile glass egg was the music; that rolling melody, the eternal whistling paean to the Mind of God.
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You should make that a novel!
Nettleheart Dec 5, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
I can just imagine them all going off for a spot tea and discussing the merits of their superior intelligence in regards to each other while still agreeing upon the fact that there is no way a mammalian body plan could possibly develop into any form of higher intelligence.
I like this image a lot. I would very much like to read the rest of the story the caption came from, if their is one. Question, dose distance between characters relate to distance between time lines? Such that the one furthest in the background comes from a time line that diverged earlier from the one in the nearest foreground than it did from the one next to it? (that question was a lot clearer in my head)
Osmatar Nov 17, 2011   Traditional Artist
"A sophont that's not a diapsid? With teeth instead of a beak, no tail at all, and such a ridiculous pose that goes against the rules of anatomy? Don't make me chitter. Surely you know that synapsid brains don't even have a nidopallium required for sapience."
Even if we didn't know that brains need a sac-lung driven oxygen system for their energy needs, this would be blasphemy against the Mother Egg. And how would their big skulls pass through their narrow pelvises, not to mention your offspring growing inside you like parasites?... yuck!
JALaflin Nov 8, 2011  Professional Digital Artist
Too amazing for words. I'll find some anyway. I've been browsing your work for some time, but now I can no longer be silent. I consider you among my greatest inspirations. Keep on blowing my mind. I also really appreciate the alternative evolutionary perspectives, entertaining and intellectual all at once.
Thank you so much for your appreciation, I try to do my best...
Your work is so inspiring! Everything looks incredibly convincing and functionable. and I love how your love for evolution and putting together all possible forms life can take shows. It even shows in your artist's comments.
I like the long thin digits on the one second from the left, it's like an aye aye's, and the unusual outline the extra elongated bone & joint on the front legs give the one fourth from the right.
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